Many Rivers student Portland MaineIf you’re interested in having your child at Many Rivers, now is the time to get in touch with us!

Email or call Hall School (207) 874-8205.
We have our information translated into several languages.

Many Rivers is a program of choice in the Portland Public Schools, in Portland, Maine, meaning that any child in Portland in first through fifth grades can sign up. We have two 1-2 and three 3-4-5 multi-grade classrooms.

Sometimes there is a waiting list for first grade, and in that case the Portland Public Schools district runs a lottery. Placement for older kids is based on space availability. There is no requirement to be in the Hall School district, although half the slots are reserved for families in the district.

The program provides project-based learning in a small-scale setting with active community involvement. Many Rivers was founded in 1985 by a group of teachers and parents in search of an alternative that integrated the visual arts, welcomed parents and other community members into the classrooms, employed team teaching, and provided social-emotional as well as academic teaching. The program remains an important option for many families in the city.

For more information, come and talk to us!

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