Many Rivers hands-on learningHow do I sign my child up for Many Rivers?

For more information about enrolling your child in Many Rivers, to visit a classroom, take a tour, or speak with a Many Rivers parent, email or call Hall School (207) 874-8205.

Is Many Rivers a private school, a magnet school or charter school?

No. Although it has many elements desired by those who pursue charter schools, Many Rivers is a Portland Public Schools program and part of the Hall School community.

Are the standards and outcomes for Many Rivers the same as for other Portland School students?

 Yes, the program meets state and district learner expectations and curriculum standards.

Do Many Rivers students get the same support services as other students at Hall?

Yes, Many Rivers students are eligible for support services offered by the Portland Public Schools.

How is Many Rivers different from other programs currently in Portland’s elementary schools?

 A recent independent audit commissioned by the Portland Public Schools found the Many Rivers program to be a true alternative with a “student-centered, experiential, process-oriented, and interactive approach” for families with elementary-school children in the public school system.

How does the  Many Rivers program fit within the Hall School Community?

Many Rivers students have “specials” classes with the Hall School music, art and physical education teachers, and all students are welcome to join any extracurricular activities.

Several Hall classrooms are increasingly joining Many Rivers in projects like the program’s longstanding relationship with Maine College of Art. All Many Rivers parents and teachers are members of the school’s PTO. Many Rivers is not funded separately from or differently than other classrooms.

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